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(Yeah, that’s a bit tongue in cheek. I’ve seen that written so many times, so many places, but I’ve never used it — until now!) Send Me Your Best! Hi, all! Thank you for following this blog. I hope you are enjoying the content. If you have suggestions, or would like to contribute to it, get in touch! This blog is for all of you. And, I’m always looking for great, useful, content that you will love! Speaking of great content … You are cordially Continue reading →

How to Manage Your Writing Time

Destiny: it all adds up, eventually by Anna Castle   I’ve been a full-time novelist since I retired from my job as the manager of a digital archive at a state university in September, 2012. I became an indie author June, 2014 when I launched my first book. I’m every bit as busy as I was at the archive, although, I meet friends on campus for lunch more often now, oddly. Novel-writing is not as demanding as founding an archive or writing code at a Continue reading →

Fearsome Foursome Take On Sabotage

It’s Monday Mysteries! If this is your first time checking these affiliate links, welcome aboard! That’s a mouthful! Who came up with the title for this post? Oh, yeah, I did. It does describe what author, Dale Wiley, wrote for this week’s book blurb. Here’s how this works (if you’re just tuning in)…every Monday, I search through listings on Smashwords for mysteries we all might like. If you click-through, I might receive a bit of compensation, which I eagerly set aside in my rather small Continue reading →

Scott Drayco, Vampire. I mean, FBI!

Here’s another mystery for you to check out from Smashwords (I participate in their affiliate program.) The description got my attention. I especially like the name of the lead character: Scott Drayco. I’m either thinking about Harry Potter, or a vampire book, but FBI? Oooo, that’s intriguing. The cover isn’t too shabby; it’s eye-catching, but it doesn’t really give me a sense for what the book is about. But, I don’t always pay attention to covers. Whenever I’m in a bookstore or library, all I Continue reading →

Casino Craziness in Cozy Mystery Series

HEY BIG SPENDER I know I’ve mentioned that I love reading mysteries. Well, since I’m participating in Smashword’s affiliate program, I decided to check out a few mystery authors over there. Every Monday (or so ), I’ll post a link to a book I think would be a fun read. If you read it, get back to me, and we’ll chat about what made it a good or bad read (without being nasty and overly critical. Seriously, the only thing authors learn from an overly Continue reading →

Character Deaths Have Meaning

 Character Deaths and its Painful Glory A bullet wound to the head, massive body trauma, vehicle accident or even a deadly encounter with an alligator? Now, what am I going to do to get my character to meet with his maker? Why does this character need to go? Is it going to have meaning? These are some of the questions we face when writing about killing off our least, and sometimes most favorite of characters within our stories.     I will start by saying Continue reading →

Opportunities Are Everywhere

Making Mistakes and Deflated Dinosaurs One of the tell-tale signs of an unforgettable story is one that allows the character to make mistakes. I’ll admit, I do cringe when I read them, thinking “No, you can’t do that! Stop!” But by the end of the story, I’ve realized the mistake made was something that had to be done to ensure the resolution of a much greater picture. It’s part of the journey, right? Well, I think so anyway.       As a writer, I Continue reading →

KWM Reviews: Sir Lyle’s Dig by Sheldon Lefkowitz

  Sir Lyle’s Dig by Sheldon Lefkowitz Genre: Mystery Paperback: 304 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (June 20, 2014) ISBN-10: 1496071956 ISBN-13: 978-1496071958 Reviewed April 1, 2015       In 1950, explorer Sir Lyle Ashford wrote a famous letter to the Times of London in which he boasted of finding “…a bigger cache of treasures in Egypt than existed in King Tut’s tomb.” Two problems; Ashford was known to lie about sites and secondly, after that dispatch, no one ever heard Continue reading →

We Need Diverse Books Now

We’ve all seen the #weneeddiversebooks. At least, I hope you’ve all seen it. The number one reason I believe that this is a critical movement is this: Young people need to see themselves, and people not like themselves, represented in all kinds of media, but especially books, because doing so will facilitate better, more effective communication between people. This one, seemingly simple, but for some reason has been difficult task, would curb racist ideologies and bigoted behavior based on race or ethnicity. The ability to see Continue reading → Continue reading →

Use Bad Reviews To Your Advantage

The Ace up My Writing Sleeve When it comes to writing your first novel, chances are you have done your fair amount of research on the subject. Even if you happen to be Hemingway’s undiscovered prodigy, it never hurts to stockpile your knowledge database.  Before I took on the gigantic task of officially writing my novel, I read books and articles on the process of writing, and soaked up all the information I could on the mechanics of characters, plot, dialogue and world building. All Continue reading →
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