Confessions of a Recovering Pool Shark

News flash: You’re competing against yourself Here’s what happened. Years ago I played pool, and I got pretty good. I’d spend hours practicing. My father was a player during his military years and I wanted to impress him. Without him knowing, I’d started learning to shoot when I was 12-years-old from a guy named Rocky. He was partially blind and owned a game room near our house. From a seat not far from the table, he’d instruct me how to hold the stick, line up Continue reading →

You’re Revealing More Than You Think

How your stuff tells tales Here’s what happened. A recent conversation with my spouse — “Have you ever noticed that when new people come to our house they think we’re, I don’t know, religious?” I asked. My husband sat across from me at our high-top, wood table. Brow raised, he said nothing. I continued, “I think it has something to do with our cabinets.” When we purchased our house almost ten years ago, I loved the kitchen. Floor to ceiling windows line the east wall, flanked Continue reading →

How You Can Redefine Fear

Mindsets that shape your reality Here’s what happened My mother screamed. I ran into the kitchen to see her backing away from the kitchen counter. “What happened?” “There’s a spider!” I approached the counter cautiously. “Where’d it go?” “Behind the microwave.” The panic in my mother’s voice sent a tingle up the back of my neck. I was about 12-years-old. The microwave was positioned at an angle in the corner. “What are we gonna do?” I asked, knowing neither my father nor brother were home. It Continue reading →

Intentions for the New Year

Intentions are better than resolutions that never get done. For those who know me, you know that I’m goal-oriented and specific about my plans. I have an intention mindset. Resolutions don’t work for me. Ever. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. During 2016, I returned to school. Yep, at the young age of 46, I decided it was time for an official career change. Sort of. Doing my thing is engrained, so entrepreneurship still is my focus. But, last year I started substitute Continue reading →

Your Complete History Guide to Gangsters of New York City

A Guide to Gangsters, Murders, and Weirdos of New York City’s Lower East Side It goes without saying that the study of history is one of the most rewarding pursuits you could possibly choose. History gives us the chance to explore where we come from so that we can better understand where we’re going. We get to root for incredible heroes, celebrate amazing accomplishments, and trace the development of major industries as well. However, it’s important to understand that history covers a lot more than Continue reading →

Why You Don’t Reach Your Goals (But how you Can)

  Are you replaying 2015 in your head? Do you see a long list of things you didn’t do? Ask yourself this: Why? Be totally honest. Brutally honest, in fact. After years of teaching people how to set goals, and walking the walk, I can tell you this:   If I don’t do something, it’s because deep down I didn’t want to. It’s that simple.    Maybe that’s not true for you. Maybe after you sit with yourself contemplating my question you’ll have a different Continue reading →

Writers write. No Excuses Allowed

Lately, I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. Most are writing and publishing-related. A few weeks back, while listening to one of them, I found myself annoyed with the podcaster. During this particular episode, the basic gist of the podcast was about how much an indie writer needs to write to 1) be a serious author and 2) make a living. This podcaster referenced someone who has a large family, and is still a successful author (i.e. earning a living.) The podcaster used this person Continue reading →

How to Write Fantasy Like a Pro

Tips on World-Building by Farah Oomerbhoy   Fantasy is not a creation of the modern world. In fact the roots of fantasy go back thousands of years to an age of myths and legends, when wandering storytellers sat by a fire and recounted fantastic tales of wondrous worlds, populated by gods, heroes and monsters. Starting from the ancient epic of Gilgamesh and the tales of King Arthur to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan; fantasy is the longest surviving Continue reading →

Click Here for Your Free Gifts

(Yeah, that’s a bit tongue in cheek. I’ve seen that written so many times, so many places, but I’ve never used it — until now!) Send Me Your Best! Hi, all! Thank you for following this blog. I hope you are enjoying the content. If you have suggestions, or would like to contribute to it, get in touch! This blog is for all of you. And, I’m always looking for great, useful, content that you will love! Speaking of great content … You are cordially Continue reading →

How to Manage Your Writing Time

Destiny: it all adds up, eventually by Anna Castle   I’ve been a full-time novelist since I retired from my job as the manager of a digital archive at a state university in September, 2012. I became an indie author June, 2014 when I launched my first book. I’m every bit as busy as I was at the archive, although, I meet friends on campus for lunch more often now, oddly. Novel-writing is not as demanding as founding an archive or writing code at a Continue reading →
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