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Tall grass, cool breeze

Blocked paths.  Frog refuge.  Spider’s den.  Tall grass.  Cool breeze.  Laughter.  And, the hammock sways.

I see nothing…

This was the announcement from our soon-to-be 5-yr-old son.  We just crossed the border from Wyoming to Nebraska via a small hwy (20, I think.)  The route turned out to be very scenic, but not compared to the sights we’d seen thus far.  We stopped at a “point of interest” only to hear our son say: I see nothing.   We looked at each other, laughed and continued driving.


The spider disappeared.

Sounds in the early morn…

The morning began cool. I heard a strange sound. The dog was jumpin’ around. She heard it too. The kids slept. The giant spider played dead. I can’t do the laundry. Damn.

Life outside my window

I’ll get back to you.