Casino Craziness in Cozy Mystery Series

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I know I’ve mentioned that I love reading mysteries. Well, since I’m participating in Smashword’s affiliate program, I decided to check out a few mystery authors over there.

Every Monday (or so ), I’ll post a link to a book I think would be a fun read. If you read it, get back to me, and we’ll chat about what made it a good or bad read (without being nasty and overly critical. Seriously, the only thing authors learn from an overly critical critique is the kind of person you are.)

Hey Big Spender by Gemma Halliday. $4.99 from
Tessie King has more than just a casino on her hands. She’s got trouble. When one of the Royal Palace Casino’s wealthiest clients is found dead on the gaming floor, and the killer comes up incognito on the security footage, everyone is a suspect—from the television crew to the blue haired retirees at the slots. Can Tessie catch a killer before more big spenders end up sleeping with the fishes?

Note: I receive a bit of money if you decide to buy books that I highlight on my sites. I’m a struggling author, what else can I do? I know, I know, write more books. I am, but in the meantime, I gotta eat.

Thanks for checking out the Monday Mystery Series! I hope you enjoy the selections.


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