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(Yeah, that’s a bit tongue in cheek. I’ve seen that written so many times, so many places, but I’ve never used it — until now!)

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Hi, all! Thank you for following this blog. I hope you are enjoying the content. If you have suggestions, or would like to contribute to it, get in touch! This blog is for all of you. And, I’m always looking for great, useful, content that you will love!

Speaking of great content …

You are cordially invited to check out my main author site: Kori D. Miller. Over there, you can get free access to two great gifts, and all you need to do is sign up for my newsletter, The Scoop. I blog 2x/week on Wednesday and Thursday over there. The first post could be about anything, but the second post is always from Dez. It’s tagged: Dez Breaks It Down. I write from her perspective and share self-defense tips.

What about those gifts, Kori?

Gift #1:

A lot of you use WordPress, while some of you might be thinking about switching to the WordPress platform. I love using WordPress and put together a list of my favorite WordPress plugins.

Gift #2

Get your copy of my book, Deadly Sins II. It’s a great intro to my protag, Dezeray Jackson. Here’s a bit about that:

Read all five Dezeray Jackson private investigator mysteries in one place! You get “Murphy,” “The Collector,” “Three’s Company,” “Buyer Beware,” “Yellow Bones,” a preview of Hush, the first full-length mystery novel starring Dezeray Jackson, and an author interview. This mystery novella is a great introduction to this character.

It’s a non-stop reading ride that will leave you wanting to know more about this hot, new private investigator. She’s got a low tolerance for BS, loves weapons, and has a bit too much fun taking people down.

Debut mystery author and Native Nebraskan, Kori D. Miller, has created a character some women can relate to, and other women want to be. Ms. Miller’s no-nonsense approach, and flash fiction writing style, keeps each story moving. You might even be tempted to compare her to Evanovich, Grafton, or Muller. There’s more to look forward to from Miller, but for now, get to know private investigator Dezeray Jackson.

Bonus Gift:

Deadly Sins I is FREE on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Plus one great opportunity:


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You get:

  • Access to Shadow Team’s private Facebook group where we chat and exchange promotional ideas, and host exclusive contests
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  • Shadow Team is acknowledged in my books.
  • And, of course, my never-ending gratitude.

That’s all! Think it over. If you want to have a little fun, learn some cool self-defense tools, and get some great gifts, then sign up for The Scoop over at my author site.



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