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by Kori Miller

One day, while I was out walking along the shore, I spotted a most amazing sight. It was late in the day, though I can’t say the time for sure.

The glow of the moon reflected in the water and the waves gently rolled onto my feet. It wasn’t far off when I saw it. At first, I must admit, I was frightened. In all my years, I hadn’t seen such an astonishing sight as this!

My fear quickly subsided as I watched this most beautiful and graceful animal. It appeared to be mimicking my movements. This majestic being was calling out to me; beckoning me to follow.

I was awe-struck. Such a dazzling creature! I felt compelled to reach forward. If only I could grasp some small piece of this being. I moved into the water.

The once small waves became large. They crashed against me. Water slapped my face and blurred my vision. I struggled to stand. Where was it?

Suddenly, the waves calmed. The water kissed my thighs. I was alone. My feet showed clearly through the shimmering water. I marveled at the strength of them, holding me against the surging tide. A voice called from the shore. I turned. It mimicked my movements.


This piece originally appeared on Flash Fiction World. Today, I was reminded of it because I received a comment.

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