Intentions for the New Year

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Time for a new head shot!

Intentions are better than resolutions that never get done.

For those who know me, you know that I’m goal-oriented and specific about my plans. I have an intention mindset. Resolutions don’t work for me. Ever.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. During 2016, I returned to school. Yep, at the young age of 46, I decided it was time for an official career change. Sort of. Doing my thing is engrained, so entrepreneurship still is my focus. But, last year I started substitute teaching. This year, I added substitute para-educator to the list. Why? I’m studying educational psychology with a specialization in positive neuropsychology. Yes, I’m geeky like that.

Gallup’s Strength Finder

My top strength according to Gallup’s Strength Finder is learner followed by relator, input, intellection, and achiever. The only surprise was seeing achiever at number five. I also decided to finally hire a French tutor. Oh, that’s been on my friggin’ list FOREVER. Last October, I started Queens of the 64, a female-only chess club, and I’m still coaching another club and I’m a Girl Scout co-leader. (Cookie time! The new one is S’mores!)

This blog/website has been fun to keep up, but I can’t keep up. At some point, I’ve got to say, “It’s time to put a few pots on the back burner to simmer.” Not burn, mind you, just sit for a bit and develop more flavor.

Plenty to do!

I’ve still got the Back Porch Writer show to produce (You should probably book an interview!), and the Womanly Art of Self-Defense (Are you an expert? Let’s chat!) to revive (produce), and of course, there’s On Your Six, the third book in my Dezeray Jackson series, to finish. The good news (and there’s lots of that to go around) is that I’m closer to moving into the official home for Ardent Path studios (entrepreneur, remember?).

For those wanting to send articles my way, please do! (Just be realistic about receiving a response.) Make things easy for me! Tell me when you want something posted, send me the info I need, and things will happen faster. Easy-peasy macaroni and cheesy!

I hope you have a happy, productive year!



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