Kori Miller Writes (KMW) Announces Book Review Policy

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Hello, All!

Many authors search for reviewers only to discover that 1) the reviewer doesn’t review self-published/indie published/ and/or small press books, 2) no longer has time to review, 3) won’t review e-books, 4) the link to the reviewer’s site isn’t functional (They simply disappeared!), or 5) they have to pay for a review (for whatever reason the reviewer gives.)

It’s downright discouraging, frustrating, and let’s be honest, annoying. The playing field isn’t level and that’s just the way it is — now.

In an effort to be part of the solution, KMW will begin reviewing books.  Check out the review policy before submitting anything. From that page, you also can  see an example of the type of review I’ll write.

I expect that I won’t get many reviews completed in November (Nanowrimo), so avoid that time period. Never send me anything without contacting me first. I don’t want to waste your time, or mine.

My favorite books to read are mysteries, but check out the review policy for more details.

As a side note, I’m looking for reviewers for my books, too. If you’re interested in reviewing my first children’s book, Dante, get in touch.  You also can review My life in black and white: A book of experiences and/or Deadly Sins: A Dezeray Jackson Mini-Series.

Getting reviews is important. It helps increase your chances of getting your book seen by more people. That translates into increased sales. And, like it or not, that’s one reason why we all write.



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