Kori Miller Writes Launches New Site

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Hello, and welcome to Kori Miller Writes: The site for creative writers and newbie podcasters. I’m glad you’re here! I showcase talented writers, graphic artists, and podcasters. Check out the submission guidelines for details. If your question isn’t answered, use that same form, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hrs (excluding weekends and holidays.)

Also, while you’re looking around, be sure to read the Special Events page. Authors, artists, and podcasters always look for marketing avenues, and that page is for you. I’ll post the details of your event and let you know when it’s live. It’s up to you to continue promoting your event, but having it listed here for free is a step in the right grassroots marketing direction.

This site is PG. I don’t promote erotica or engage in any hate-related/based material.

Who am I? A humanist, pacifist, martial artists, writer, entrepreneur, author, wife, mother, daughter, friend, tireless promoter for the people I admire, part-time runner, vegetarian, avid reader, radio show host, tea blending guru, and pet-owner — not necessarily in that order. I don’t sleep much.

Welcome! Let’s get started.

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Author. Facilitator. Coach. Together we make lasting, life-affirming changes.

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