He’s dead, maybe – Published in Fine Lines Literary Journal Summer 2011

Based on actual events while working in NYC, Ms. Miller describes an interaction with a stranger on a subway train, as she made her way to meet a friend. “He struggled to stand. His clothes were torn. Blood stained his shirt and jacket. The cuts on his face were not deep, but blood streamed from them.” “There are moments in life that define who you are. They are fleeting, but undeniably important. This was one of my moments, and I fear that I failed.” Fine Continue reading →

Bigots in Baptist clothing

“In all their efforts to keep their children from a perceived threat, the real threat was staring them in the mirror.”  – My life in black and white: A book of experiences.

Men are like a box of chocolates …

“Men really are like a great box of chocolates. I’m thinking Callabaut chocolates here. Sometimes you get one that just isn’t to your liking so you toss it out. Then you find that one piece that makes your eyes close as the corners of your mouth begin to turn up.” From “My life in black and white: A book of experiences.”

Get Known Before The Book Deal by Christina Katz

This book about building a platform is great so far! When I attended a conference earlier this year, the subject of “platform” came up. I had no clue what it meant. In fact, I sort of felt like the only one who didn’t, but now I do! I’m only on chapter one, but I’ve already created a Facebook page titled “Kori Miller Writes,” sent invites to all my FB friends, and promoted my book via my regular email and Linkedin (okay, I did this before Continue reading →

“My life in black and white: A book of experiences”

Well, I finally did it! My goal the past two years has been to really write. Not just call myself a writer and do it once in a while, but actually engage myself in the process daily. It paid off. I’ve read and written more during this time than ever before. I’ve submitted books to editors (and received rejections — all part of the process — no big deal. Sooner or later one will catch the right eye), and self-published my first eBook. Here’s the Continue reading →

A Search for Meaning…amidst the rubble

Yesterday morning, I observed as a woman, after six days of being trapped beneath rubble in Haiti, was freed. She said one thing that stuck with me: She knew she would survive. How or why did she know that?  She said it with such conviction. What makes a person survive such tragedy? Some would say it is simply the will to live, but the question I have is why?  How can there be meaning in the face of tragedy? Where does that conviction to live originate? Continue reading →

A Savored Journey

The days are getting shorter.  I thought I’d confirm this in writing, just in case you missed it.  This morning, I awoke at my usual 4:15 a.m.  As I made my way along the brick path to the blending building in the dark, I looked up, as I often do, to see the magnificence of the early morning sky.   The stars are brighter in the country.  The sounds are crisp.  Crickets, frogs, the occasional owl, and, wait, did you hear that? Yep, it was a cow.  They Continue reading →

Cows are remarkably fast

Cows are remarkably fast. As I went about my usual morning routines: make tea…check, get beverages for children … check, open drapes … check, wait, wait one minute…did I just see a cow staring at me? No, no … surely there are no cows in our backyard. I looked again. Yep, there they were: five cows hangin’ out, chewing grass, playing with the horse swings, and one staring right back at me. Our dog sat calmly stage left observing the cows. Three galloped away, skirting the edge Continue reading →

Writing the short story

I got nothin’. Really. Oh wait, I think something is bubbling up from the surface … Nope, nothin’. Seriously though, I am writing. I came across a writing contest last month that became the catalyst for this renewed focus. I did not make that deadline, partly because I could not edit my story down to the required word count. Fortunately, there is no short supply of writing contests. Two stories are “complete” and I am working on the third in the series. The first two Continue reading →

Frostbite on Your Butt

You’re walkin’ real slow with your shorts hangin’ low Ya got frostbite on your butt? Pull up your slacks and ya ain’t gonna get frostbite on your butt …. It’s a work in progress …
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