The search for meaning: The middle journey, part deux

As I wrote the word “journey,” two things came immediately to mind. First,  one person commented that his view is that it is, in fact, the journey that has meaning for him. I could not disagree with that. I will add though, that in addition to the journey having meaning for me, I am learning that the destination, whatever that may be, must also have meaning. My challenge is I can not determine why this is true for me. Second, I heard Dave Ramsey answer Continue reading →

A Search for Meaning…the middle journey

There’s a road I travel often. The hills go on and on eventually leading to a decision: continue on the path or take the curve to the right. This morning as I drove that road, it was as if I was seeing it for the first time. The crest of each hill appeared in the distance as I traveled over one, then another. I thought “huh, where does it really go? Where can I go?”  So, this is life. One hill after another with a valley in Continue reading →

The Search for meaning…the beginning

I really like the movie “Say Anything”.  One of my favorite scenes is when the main character, a high school senior, is invited to dinner at the home  of his would be girlfriend.   The young man is surrounded by the father’s friends and is asked a simple question: What do you want to do with your life?  The young man ponders the question for a moment and begins to respond with: I know I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything or sell anything sold, bought or…he Continue reading →

The hill in the distance

The view from my window reveals a small sliver of the hill beyond the cottonwood trees, just past the gravel road.  There is something inviting about that hill, something beckoning me forward.  No, propelling me forward.  I step out of the car intent on listening to what, I don’t know.  Oh, wait, it’s the wind and it  just knocked me on my butt.

An Unexpected Gift

The tiny white box rests on the ledge between our kitchen and living room. It’s hardly noticable. The sides are taped. It probably only weighs an ounce or two. Finally seeing it after five months brings a wave of unexpected emotion. It rests there next to some fragrance oil and other stuff. I’m not sure what to do with it or where it should be kept, but something about it simply being here seems right. It’s like something was missing, but I could not quite put my finger on it. Now, it’s here Continue reading →

Storms in the night

The plane slowed, then tilted right. My eyes darted, scanning face after paniced face. The plane leveled, gaining speed as it began to climb. With a sudden jerk, it stopped and began dropping. I knew my family was near, but I could not see them. My eyes shot open. It was dark.  Thunder rumbled across the sky. The smooth, even breathing of my daughter calmed my racing heart. The pain in my head dulled. It was just a moment in time. A dream warning me of the approaching storm.

It’s dead, but not buried

It’s dead. I don’t know when it died. One day it was just gone. It happened slowly. So slowly that I did not notice. When I realized it was gone, my first reaction was panic. How could I have let this happen? Could I get it back? I don’t really know the answer. Actually, it occurred to me that the answer may be in the past. It may require trodding down an old, familiar path. Maybe. Here’s what I do know: The person I see in the mirror is not the person I was then. The Continue reading →

Fog in the early morning…

It’s early and I am waiting for the fog to lift.  I feel as though the fog has been there for a very long time.  Each day, I wake hopeful, but with little inspiration.  I make my tea, tie back the drapes, and look out across our backyard.  There are two paths out back.  Both need mowing, but I know they are there beneath the fog.  Each path promises some sort of adventure.  Each offers a hint of mystery.  As the fog clears, I find Continue reading →

Everything I need to know about business, I learned from the spider in our basement

Everything I need to know about business, I learned from the spider in our basement. This spider, I’ll call him Fred, perched from his thread behind the door, and just above the floor, had the perfect location for nibbling. Every day, one of us retreated to the basement office to work.  There was Fred faithfully and patiently waiting.  Anyone who knows me also knows that I hate spiders, but I could not bring myself to kill Fred. I came to respect Fred’s stick-to-it-tiveness. Fred probably tried other Continue reading →

The Pocket

The other day I found the strangest thing in my pocket.  I’d gotten up early, as usual.  The numbers on the clock slowly came into focus as I rolled to reach for my glasses.  My back ached.  Too much Wii the night before, I guess.  It was cold.  I reached for my robe at the foot of the bed.  From the hall, I heard muffled snores emanating from the kid’s rooms.  What day was it? Oh, yah, Wednesday.  One would need to get ready for Continue reading →
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