Writing Conflict That Grabs Your Reader

          by Mike Hartner There are three separate conflicts that I use in my books. Man vs. Man It’s a simple conflict, and it requires very little thought. Even though there is plenty of space used to write motives, and alibis, and method, it really only boils down to the character at each part of the conflict, and who is willing to hold the biggest weapon. In one of the greatest contemporary books I’ve ever read, Kane and Abel the conflict between the Continue reading →

Why You Need Blog Tour Stops

Marketing and promoting your work is a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. All you need is a strong, positive team propelling you forward, and an attitude to match their effort.             Recently, a fellow podcaster asked me (and a few others) to help him launch his newly branded podcast. This got me thinking. Authors aren’t the only people who can benefit from a blog tour. Podcasters need them, too! If you’re an author, or a podcaster, and want Continue reading →

Kori Miller Writes (KMW) Announces Book Review Policy

Hello, All! Many authors search for reviewers only to discover that 1) the reviewer doesn’t review self-published/indie published/ and/or small press books, 2) no longer has time to review, 3) won’t review e-books, 4) the link to the reviewer’s site isn’t functional (They simply disappeared!), or 5) they have to pay for a review (for whatever reason the reviewer gives.) It’s downright discouraging, frustrating, and let’s be honest, annoying. The playing field isn’t level and that’s just the way it is — now. In an Continue reading →

KMW Seeks Submissions and Guest Posts

Hello All! Summer is coming to a close. If you’re like me, and have kids, getting things done during the summer, while they were at home, probably didn’t happen. So, I’m playing catch up like crazy! Right now, I want you to do me a favor I want you to: Help spread the word about KMW. This site is about you, and here to help you in your writing or podcasting life. Please tell others. Submit an article! I’m open to any topic related to writing Continue reading →

Have You Clipped Your Wings?

The nice editors over at Fine Lines Literary Journal asked me to send a post for their blog. Check it out! Are you struggling with a fear of rejection? Get inspired by the advice my guests shared when they chatted with me on Back Porch Writer. While visiting the Fine Lines blog, be sure to read their submission guidelines. Oh, and leave a comment! KDM

Goodreads Giveaway Gets Results

Author, Rebecca P. McCray, shares her experience launching a Goodreads giveaway. Share your experiences in the comment section. We’d love to read them!   I published my first eBook, The Journey of the Marked, in November 2013. As I quickly learned, the real challenge for a newly published author is marketing the story to the right readers. I tried paid advertising methods with little success. Connecting with individual readers helped me build a few reviews, but this consumed considerable time with limited reach. So, without typical Continue reading →

Podcasting for Non-Tech People

Podcasting or audio/video blogging, as it was first conceived, is a major breakthrough of the 21st Century. Although there were quite a few pioneering efforts at audio blogging, the first major steps that popularized podcasting in a big way, happened in  2005. Apple launched iTunes 4.9, the first version of its popular music player/stores that merged podcasts directly into software. The new services gave creators the ability to  upload podcasts, and consumers the ability to subscribe to, transfer, and listen to podcasts. It is important to Continue reading →

Free, or Nearly Free, Marketing Ideas

Do you love marketing your books? You should. It’s fun, and the only way you’re going to sell anything. Yes, yes, a well-written book sells — for a while, but even those authors know that someone has to market their books. (That’s why they hire publicists, you know, after the publisher is finished handling the initial marketing push.) Someone needs to keep the author in the public’s view. Here’s the problem for start-up writers: You have no marketing dollars. All isn’t lost. You can use Continue reading →

Building a Writing Platform: My Results for 2013

How are you faring with online book marketing and platform building? Yeah, me too. My novel will be finished in the fall and I want to show agents and publishers that I can make them (and me) some money. I've been doing what the experts recommend: blog...

Promote Your Writing: 4 Tips for Public Readings

This article includes tips that will help you read your work like a pro. Public readings are a great way to increase your following, boost your profile among other writers, and in some cases attract an agent. Two years ago, as an unpublished fiction wr...
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