Writer learns Podcasting, Google+, and Authorship

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Wow! I am LOVING learning a hailstorm of new skills!


Podcasting: Ever tried it? Me neither, until the beginning of March, and it’s so fun! I created Back Porch Writer (check the link along the right side)  because I wanted a way to connect with other writers, and improve my writing skills. So far, the guests have been FABULOUS! Now, back to learning to podcast– First, I had to figure out Blog Talk Radio. It’s user-friendly, has tons of tutorials, and amazing radio programs. I can’t remember how I found BTR. Originally, I was going to try Spreaker, but I think I was reading a post somewhere, and a blogger mentioned BTR.  BOOM! I was there, checking it all out, and made the decision the same day. It’s free to host (unless you want your show in what’s considered “prime time.” I didn’t.) It took a while (by “a while” I really mean a day) to decide a show name and format. I went for a run and by the time I finished, that was settled, too. Shout out to my hubby for the help on that one!


In the past three weeks (or so), I’ve learned about Soundcloud (and how to upload it to the Back Porch Writer website), how to create MP3s, what Audacity is (still learning to use it), how to pre-record a show (what tools to use to accomplish this – create a “test” show was the final answer AFTER I tried to figure out how to use Skype for the same purpose!), what apps are useful for recording “on location,” how to host a live show on location (still need a mic., but thanks to a podcasting group I belong to on Google+, I identified a great one), how to use a Camtasia recorder (sort of), and implemented the use of Evernote (Awesome!).  (Sorry for no links — I’m having issues getting them posted, but will figure that out later! It started yesterday. Very odd.) I figured out how to upload the podcast to iTunes and am learning how to do it elsewhere. Oh, and I learned how to create a voice-over on my first try! (I’m going to have it re-done by my father — the man with the best radio voice —  but for now, it works. It’s a lot, but it’s FUN! (You might be able to hire him to do yours. He’s also a freelance writer, editor, and has a solid background in broadcast journalism. Post in the comments if you want his contact info. We’re a family of entrepreneurs!)


I created a FB, Twitter, and Google+ account for the show. Have you checked out Google+? I’m making more connections with writers there, than I have in gawd knows how long since joining FB. The circles and groups are really useful. Google is pushing Authorship. Let me say that figuring out how to link my Google+ account with the material I write was a true pain in the butt. I think I finally got it figured out this morning. It took HOURS of research and trial & error. Authorship basically verifies that you are the person who wrote the content appearing in a Google search. Your picture appears next to your articles. And, your Google rank increases. Cool, huh? The problem is that WordPress.com (the free version that MANY bloggers use) doesn’t allow plug ins, and if you’re not using Genesis (whatever that is), you have no clear place to put the code. So, I had to identify a work-around, which thanks to two wordpress.com  forum members, I was finally able to find. It took a lot of digging. If you want to avoid that, and need the info, post a request in the comments.) Hopefully, the changes I made will stick.


Thanks to Write Life, I was able to line up guests for the show. Google+ and my membership in SCBWI are other great resources. It’s all very exciting!


What about my writing, you ask? Funny you should mention that. I edited a piece, that I tabled for about a year, thanks to a connection I made in a Google+ group. Now, I’ll submit it for a WD competition. I have two other pieces I plan to enter, plus my book, and am finally re-writing Coyote Wars. Mary Kole’s feedback took a little time to digest. It was great feedback, but I struggled with where to begin editing and re-writing. I’m on the right track, now. I asked a few people to review “Splash!” and am awaiting their feedback. I’ll need to find more readers, though (hint, hint.) Freelancing sounds interesting, so I’m looking into that, and submitted a creative non-fiction piece to a magazine.  And, don’t even get me started on the number of books I read so far this month!


This got a bit longer than I intended! I hope you find some info you can use. If you have questions, post in the comments. Meanwhile, I need to go figure out why I can’t get my links to work …




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