Raising Up A Child

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by LeoNard

Raising Up A Child: An Annotation

Lord, if you let him live and give him to me, I will give him back to You.

My Soul Has Been Anchored
I Won’t Complain
I Shall Wear a Crown
I Will Trust in the Lord
I’ve Been in the Storm Too Long

Keep you finger still…we’ll get it out.
It will calm your stomach.
It will help you sleep.
Cover your mouth. Are you warm? Can you blow for me?
Open wide…swallow it all down…that’s a big boy.

Don’t cry. I wish it were me who was sick.
Don’t cry. I’ll be right back to get you.
Don’t cry. We’ll clean it up.
Don’t cry. We’ll find it.
Don’t cry. You can cloud up, but you better not rain.

…only because you are interested in science.
…only because you are interested in acting.
…only because you will practice your swing.
…only because you asked nicely.
…only because you earned it.

Son, where is your book bag?
Son, where is the textbook?
Son, did you do your homework?
Son, where is the worksheet?
Son, where is the report card?

Everything isn’t funny.
This is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you.
Don’t let the streetlights beat you home.
Don’t lie to me, if you tell the truth, I will understand.
If you will lie, you will steal. If you will steal, you will kill.

There is a time and a place for everything.
You can do anything you put your mind to.
Don’t worry about things you cannot change.
Always give a firm handshake; a limp handshake sends the wrong message.
Learn to see things through to the end; otherwise you’ll never know what you are truly capable of.

Look everyone you come in contact with in the eyes, because that is where the truth is.
Speak loud enough and clear enough the first time.
Be a leader, not a follower.
A leader without any followers is just a man talking a walk.
Whatever you do, have fun doing it. Life is too short to live it otherwise.

That is dinner, and going to bed hungry is a choice.
No, you can’t use the car.
Yes, you can use the car, but you need to replace the gas.
I know what the odometer reads.
…and turn that music down.

It’s college or a job, but you can’t live here for free.
If you bring it in this world, you will raise it.
I can’t put my finger on it, but watch her son, just be careful.
There is something about that young man, just be careful.
There is nothing open after midnight except…the police station and the emergency room.

Be friends first.
Treat a woman like you would want a man to treat me.
Never leave the house, have a meal, or go to bed upset.
Children are perceptive, and they receive every bit of what it is you are presenting before them.
Never stop talking or communicating, because when you do, it is almost impossible to start again.

Son…never, ever, let go of His unchanging hand.

Yes, Mam.

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